Minnesota Braves Sign


Minnesota Braves Sign


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Major League baseball, a professionally organized and a highly competitive sport. Fans watching this sports game from a stadium get an adrenaline rush seeing their represented professional team hit, run, and score against their opposing team, that can be heard from afar. This can be said especially about the ending result of Game 7 between Minnesota and the Braves in the 1991 World Series. Both the Braves and Minnesota finished last in their previous season, the two teams face each other in the world series known as “the greatest that was ever played”(si.com). 

This 1991 World series is best known for the competitive surprising showdown between an Atlanta Brave player, John Smoltz, and Minnesota Twin’s player, Jack Morris. The last game of the series went 9 innings without either team scoring making the board read 0-0. In the 10th inning Minnesota took the lead ending the extra inning 1-0. Although, Minnesota scooping the win in game 7 was not the only significant part of the 1991 World Series. Three of the seven games were played at the Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium and the other four in Minnesota. Ironically, the Minnesota twins won all three games, that being game 3,4, and 5, played at the Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium.

What may have made these two teams significantly end up on the Tavern’s wall is the morality between the Minnesota Twins and Atlanta Braves players, how they ended up competing for first in the world series after previously being the last two teams in the season before, and their renowned 7 games in their World Series. This 1991 World Series game was said to be a game that went down in history.

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