Aerial Photography


Aerial Photography


Manar Altamimi

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When you go to any event ,you may notice that cameras take an essential part of any event. The reason refers to the desire to document these moments whether it was for personal or public like Journalism’s use. Even in the ancient centuries, the people tried to achieve the same purpose. Therefore, they started drawing in the caves and walls like Egypt pyramids that show the great civilization of Egypt. We can agree that with all these visible documents, a very high percentage of history would be a mystery can never be solved. The people’s desire to have their achievement led them to discover the “camera". In the past, Having a copy of  any view, would be insane idea or a miracle, but it happened in 1826 with unclear photo that was a good start with the limited abilities.

Year by year, the cameras were developed with better qualities and have been divided to several types and purposes like camera obscura, daguerreotypes and calotypes, dry plates, and Kodak. The photo of this project was captured in the sky which is called ”Aerial photography.” The earliest tries were done by airships.

However, the Aerial photography was developed with planes without need to spend too much time by do it by humans. The Aerial photography was and still important for different goals. The essential aim of my project’s photo was for cartography which is used to make maps of cities. Taking this photo from sky in early time shows how much people were qualified to take photos with low abilities.

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