Jimmy and Rosalynn


Jimmy and Rosalynn


Brooke Cardriche

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In a black and white photo encased in a black frame lies a picture of President Jimmy Carter and First Lady Rosalynn Carter, waving to their country. Jimmy Carter was the 39th president of the United States. One might ask why this photo is hanging in Manuel’s Tavern; but the tavern and Jimmy and Rosalynn had ties that go back before he was the president of the United States. Jimmy Carter, once being a regular at the tavern, expresses his earliest political ambitions, and holds a significant place in the heart of the establishment.

Jimmy Carter met his wife, Rosalynn (born Eleanor Rosalynn Smith), when he was three and when she was just born in Plains, Georgia in (Siwak).Their relationship was nothing significant until much later when he was a Naval officer in training, and Rosalynn was 17. They eventually got married July of 1946 (Siwak). He moved a lot in the beginning of the young couple’s marriage due to Jimmy’s military duties. After years of moving, and the birth of their three sons, Jimmy was honorably discharged from the navy, and moved back to their home town of Plains, Georgia. In the year of 1963 a Georgia state senator (Siwak). It had been reported that it was in Manuel’s Tavern in 1970 that Jimmy Carter announced his intentions to run for Georgia Governor (Fausset). After serving as Governor the Carters set their eyes on becoming the 39th president of the United States, running for the Democratic party. Rosalyn was a strong anchor in all of Jimmy’s campaigns, for she savvy for politics, even with four children at home (Siwak). After Carter’s one term presidency, they returned to their home of Plains, Georgia.

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter have been a treasure to their country and especially to Manuel’s Tavern. The tavern has remained a necessary stop for local and national Democratic candidates for years (Burns).The tavern, being the same place Jimmy Carter announced his 1970 gubernatorial bid at, the Carter’s grandson Jason, who he himself was running for governor, had been spotted there (Burns). Manuel Maloof opening his tavern in 1956 sparked a flame in the Democratic party, where Manuel Maloof himself became a strong figure in his community, and a standing force among Georgia Democrats (Fausset). The tavern has paid their respects, amongst other things, to the many democratic leaders to their country and even their community; it only makes sense that Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter hold a special place on the the tavern’s walls today.

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