Freddie Deland Band creative story


Freddie Deland Band creative story


Marvin Smith

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When Freddie Deland was a child he grew up around music. His mother was a singer and his father played a piano that was passed down from his father, and everyday he would sit by his father and watch him play the piano. Eventually, he decided that he wanted to learn to play the piano like his father, so his father started giving him lessons. Freddie practiced every day and got really good. When Freddie got out to high school he decided that he wanted to do music, but his parents wanted him to go to college. They eventually agreed on a compromise of him going to school for music. He attended Georgia state because of the growing music scene in Atlanta. While he was there he met some friends that also went to school for music. Eventually Freddie came up with the idea to start a band, and since he came up with the idea they named the band after Freddie. The members of the band were Freddie Deland who played the piano, Red Wooten who played the bass, George Bruton, who play the trumpet, and Jimmy Chapin on the drums. Jimmy Chapin would later give birth to the great Harry Chapin. When they formed the band they needed a place to play. Their first gig was in manuels tavern. They would continue to do an annual show there every year. The did this until eventually the band decided to disband. Their last show together was in Manuel’s tavern in 1946 as seen in this picture.

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