McCleskey Vs. Kemp


McCleskey Vs. Kemp


Reginald Shelton

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The photo shows an African-American male being escorted by a caucasian police officer in 1987. The african-american male was Warren Mccleskey who was being sentenced for murder and given the death penalty. Warren was convicted of two accounts of murder and armed robbery. In many eyes it was thought to be a way of racist punishment, but in a lawful way. The jury made a recommendation for Warren to be given the death penalty, and the case was administered in a wrongful and more racial way which broke the 14th amendment. The 14th amendment doesn’t allow for someone to be racially persecuted and doesn’t allow cruel and/or unfair punishment to one.

After studies from professors it was found that the studies outcome showed more death penalties occur when it's the opposing race. This was reviewed by the court which ultimately denied that the studies correlated with the case. The justices made the final decision and foresaw that Warren was given the death penalty though one of four didn’t agree. Warren was electrocuted in 1991, just four years after trial. The case of Mccleskey has helped in some way to have cases looked over to make sure they are not racially determined, but this still goes on in everyday courts it has been said from studies. The amount of death sentences are very disproportionate when it comes to race which forms the question, is the country we live in unequal? Many uproars have formed due to this belief by many especially after the Mccleskey vs Kemp case.

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