A Man on a Boat


A Man on a Boat


Imani Christie

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The only thing that was heard was the wind and the motor of his boat. He sighed in contentment. He was finally free. The divorce was finalized, and his shackles were off for good. He spent 20 years in hell -waking up to the same thing, the same kids, and sadly, the same wife. He could not believe she asked for a divorce – something he had been craving since their seventh year of marriage. Something he always stopped himself from asking for. He could not be the bad guy, at least not in front of the kids, that was his ex-wife’s job, and they were decent kids. He refused to question her decision just in case she changed her mind and decided to stay. No more burnt toast and begging kids, cheap perfume and permission slips, in-laws and insults just the breeze of the crisp air flowing over his balding scalp. If he had left twelve years ago he would still have some of his hair.

All those thoughts left his mind as he looked out onto the water and watched as it rippled. If he had known that freedom felt this amazing, he would have never gotten married all those years ago, especially with children. He set up his camera, smiled and waited for the flash. He was sending the kids a picture to show them that he was doing more than fine during this ‘hard time’. Who would have thought that a divorcee on a boat on the middle of nowhere could be the happiest person on Earth? Well, not him.

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