Adeyemi GSU 1010 Level 2 NW

Gigapans are high-resolution images that allow you to zoom in to see the smallest details on each wall. Scroll to zoom in and out, and click on objects to see more information or essays about the items.

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Adeyemi Class Assignment

  1. Choose an item from one of the two walls
  2. Note your choice on the class iCollege
  3. Research the item using Google and the Library catalog
  4. [Optional] Visit Manuel's Tavern to ask staff about item
  5. Write an essay or creative story about the item (minimum 250 words)
  6. Upload to this site

Example Essay | Example Story

This gigapan shows the Level 2 Northwest Wall, including neon beer advertisements, sections from a baseball scoreboard, photographs, newspaper articles, and a bicycle. Gigapan image stitched by Ruth Dusseault.